Technology Consultants

Providing IT infrastructure solutions to SMEs.

360º Services in Automation and System Security.

Software Development

Customized Applications for businesses.

Office automation, control systems, Information Security.

Infrastructure Designing

We visualize the system network and hardware a business needs to run a smooth operation.

Total Security Solutions

Information Security, Surveillance Security, Biometric hardware & applications, laboratory, motion detection.

Coaching & Training

Operations of custom developed software, best equipment usage practices, reporting and logging, troubleshooting.

Who we are

WITECON is the idea behind a group of industry experts who believe knowledge sharing is the key to progress. They excel in electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, broadcasting, security applications, web, and all things digital. Worked for established names in the industry, and they carry with them unique portfolios to WITECON’s advantage.


We know it is a fact that sharing one's knowledge and experiences about science and technology with peers is an effective way to empower and clear the path for emerging fresh ideas that we can direct toward Applied-Technology. Our team is international and extends to different branches in the systems automation industry, with young geeks contributing ideas and tech. We are diligent with our client's requirements. We are globally modern.

we transform

We transform

  • the way technology is used to create better experiences for businesses, their customers, and teams. 
  • The world is rapidly changing, and technology consulting is becoming increasingly important to ensure the future growth of SMEs globally.
  • Witecon will stay as your loyal technology partners to pace through, and weather every uncertain situation with market preparedness at all times.
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help our customers

Help our customers

  • handle emerging technology challenges with ease.

  • Because we are vigilant about trendy technologies and the global market adaptations, our engineers design and tune systems and applications to perform efficiently and to be future proof.

  • Our coaching and training programs can be tailored to any business, to smooth out any obstacle they may face in whatever technology they are into.

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we have partnered

We have partnered

  • with some of the big names in technology consulting.

  • That gives us a sharp edge in the market.

  • From setting up networking systems, integration, to all areas of security, we guarantee that our dedication to customers are highly competitive.

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Visualize customer requirements.

Advise customer about best options for the project and logistics, global impacts, staff and team engagements in projects.

Draw up blueprints and floor plans for equipment installation, cabling.

Prepare costing for complete project; includes equipment, cabling, procurement.

Digital transformation.

Professional studio planning

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IT Services

Installing network hardware

Network Setup and Configuration

Data Archiving


Software Development

Content Archiving

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Support Services

Troubleshooting software and hardware breakdowns and bugs

maintenance (amc)

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Technology Services

Security systems - area access control (biometric scanning), CCTV, motion detection.

Parking guidance and management systems, smart parking, ticketless parking, integrating to main enterprise network.

Fleet management systems.

PA Systems.

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Creative Consultancy

High-end animation.

2D Character Animation.

3D visualizations.

Explainer Videos.

Motion Graphics.

CGI Illustration.

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WITECON University



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